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The Importance of Effective Team Meetings

Teams of people are the basic building block of organisations.

Whether the team is the whole staff, departmental groups or project orientated, where there is more than one person in business there is a team. One of the fundamentals of helping a teamwork successfully is communication.

Many would argue that meetings may not be the panacea for this communication and can, in fact, be a crutch that annoys employees rather than empowers them. Even though team meetings may not be everything to communication, successful use of these meetings could be hugely significant.

Therefore, an important question to consider is: how do you make team meetings effective?

Here are ten steps you must take to encourage productive team meetings.

1. Be clear who needs to attend.

2. Meet regularly within a set time.

3. Have a clear policy for meeting use.

4. Have a consistent agenda.

5. Rotate roles in the meeting.

6. Value contributions from the whole group.

7. Record actions.

8. Consider good communication and interpersonal skills.

9. Include time for successes.

10. It doesn’t all have to be formal.

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