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Reskilling and upskilling through Apprenticeships will be top priorities for leaders as business models evolve and entire industries are reshaped in response to the global pandemic.

Ensuring employees are equipped with the critical skills needed (particularly management and digital skills as Covid-19 accelerates digitisation and automation) is going to require a coordinated organisational response to ensure companies can continue operating smoothly and delivering on new customer needs.

The good news is that buy-in from CEO’s has already been earned. According to a new study from LinkedIn Learning, which surveyed 850+ L&D professionals around the world, more than three-quarters (76%) in the UK say that their CEOs are now actively championing the development of their workforce in light of the pandemic. This is up from just 28% in a comparable study corrode out late last year.

Two-thirds of UK L&D professionals (66%) also report that learning is becoming a more strategic part of their organisation, and nearly three quarters (72%) say they are now focused on rebuilding and reshaping their company.

Employers who work with Leaders In Business have the scope to develop in-house programmes and allow businesses to both retain (through upskilling or reskilling existing staff) or bringing in new talent, without the time and expense of going through a lengthy recruitment process.

Apprentices are a valuable investment for any organisation especially at this time of Covid 19

Written by David Cormack

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