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Amazing and Inspiring Success Stories


It is always nice to hear good things especially as we are constantly bombarded with negative news. When we hear about learners who succeed and employers who empower them to do so we are generally always excited to share their inspiring stories with you in hope that you too can achieve the impossible if you believe.

At Leaders in Business, we want to highlight by sharing some of these inspiring stories, to let you know the differences and the positive impact our apprenticeships are making in our learners lives.

Success Story - Customer Services Level 3 Apprenticeship

Inspired Claire Bradfield

"I went into the Customer Service Specialist course with an open mind as I wasn't sure what to expect and how much it would help me in my role ordering stock. It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride with lockdown striking and having to adjust from in person training to online but the support I received throughout from Mole Valley and Leaders in Business was fantastic!

I found that I learnt a lot about myself and the way I learn and respond to others which then helped me to improve in areas of weakness. One example of this is that I struggle with my confidence in answering the phone. It was the fear of the unknown especially if I was answering a call for my colleague. Recently however, I was without my phone for a couple of days, and felt lost without it and kept wanting to pick up calls then realising nobody would be able to hear me if I answered. It was a massive sense of relief when it was back up and running again.

Thank you to Mole Valley and Leaders in business for such a fantastic experience - one which I would readily recommend to anyone! I look forward to continue my learning after a long-earned break."

Success Story - Departmental Operations Manager Level 5

BIFFA Employer - Leaders in Business Encouraging Confidence

"From all the experience I have had with outside support for development I believe that Leaders in Business have been one of the best that I would be happy to recommend.

In such a tough environment and using virtual support they have shown great ability to deliver what is needed as well as keeping that personal touch allowing our apprentice to feel she is able to be more open which subsequently supports her development and confidence on the program.

Her own confidence in leading and directing has moved a definite step forward and feel this solely down to the 1-2-1 coaching, guidance and direction offered by Owen."

We at Leaders in Business continue to work with large and small local businesses, individuals looking for self-improvement and development and these short stories reflect just how we do so.


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