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Leaders in Business are required to deliver more than just day to day management of their employees.

They are responsible and accountable for entire divisions of a business, to oversee the quality of work being produced and are required to coach and mentor their own staff to achieve the wider strategic direction of the business.

Trust Leaders in Business to develop the future leaders of your business.

Leaders in Business brings together significant expertise in sector knowledge, learning and development, and government funding. At the heart of this sits the learner, with delivered solutions created specifically for the sector and overlaid with organisation-relevant content to facilitate application in their immediate workplace.


Learning preferences, demographics, shift patterns and the changing demands of the sector drive our focus on innovation in learning delivery, whilst ensuring high levels of engagement, retention and successful outcomes.

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flexible delivery system

Our trainers and skills coaches operate all over the UK on customer sites as well as at our training centres. This flexible approach allows your employees to learn 24/7 and commence programmes at any time of the year.


With long-term industry experience and dedicated, professional enthusiasts behind all our operations, Leaders in Business is focused on delivering real and tangible results that leave your employees feeling more valued with increased loyalty and commitment.


partnerships forged for long-term workforce development

Leaders in Business are renowned for their approach to forging long-term working partnerships. We take the time to understand your unique workforce development requirements and create a plan that mitigates the skills shortages it contains.


Leaders in Business will be the primary training provider and will use our own team of direct delivery staff or specialist subcontractors, depending on which particular apprenticeships we are successful in securing. There may also be opportunities for us to utilise your own internal training teams to maximise

the delivered value and to provide a return to the business.

The delivery will comprise all elements of the Leaders in Business delivery model and will utilise up-to-date learning methodologies and incorporate appropriate learning technologies to maximise learner engagement, retention, and application.





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