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A different kind of training...

Learn more about our REAL leaders apprenticeship.

Whilst the majority of organisations have leadership development programs, research shows many of them are ineffective in developing key capabilities in leaders, such as acting strategically and managing complexity.


Our practical programme is unique in its methods and offers unique benefits because of that.

We know the participants on our programme will develop first-class leadership skills and the confidence to manage even the most complex and challenging management issues.

It’s a demanding and daring programme, but it’s also proving inspiring and exciting and it’s making a difference in so many ways.

how does the programme work?

We develop managers by teaching them to work with, mentor and guide some of the most challenging, yet incredibly intelligent marginalised people in our country – ex-gang members.

This is done in a safe and supportive environment and participants are guided every step of the way, working with professionals who are experts in this field.

Every ex-gang member will have been approved for the programme following a programme readiness course and assessment. Undertaking our programme hones skills that empower people to work with and lead anyone!


what are the measurable outcomes?

Benefits clients have gained through our programme


  • 100% of participants able to solve more complex workplace issues

  • An average 15 per cent upturn in departmental performance

  • Stress related absence reduced by up to 80%

  • 92% reduction in attrition 


And our 3D-i development process ensures we identify key outcomes, most relevant to your business and design and deliver a programme that gets results

how the programme is funded

Learners will complete this programme as part of the Level 3 Learning Mentor Apprenticeship. This means you will be able to draw down your Apprenticeship Levy, if you pay into it. If you are not paying into it, the cost is only £250 per learner, 5% of the total cost of each place on the programme. The Government will fund the remaining 95% of the total cost which is £5,000.


talk to us

Speak with a member of our team today to learn more about the REAL Leaders apprenticeship programme.

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